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Revolutionize Mileage Tracking like a Pro with Gorilla Expense

Gorilla Expense's automatic mileage capture feature effortlessly documents every mile making your mileage tracking easy.
July 25, 2023/by Malhar Potnis

Ensure Compliance with the New Expense Policy Feature

Take control of expense compliance with Gorilla Expense’s Expense Policy capabilities. This feature allows you to…
July 20, 2023/by Malhar Potnis

Case Study: How Cortex Overcame the Inefficiencies in their Expense Reporting System

Since implementing Gorilla Expense Cortex has experienced significant…
June 16, 2023/by Malhar Potnis

Velosio’s Aspire 2023 is Back and Gorilla Expense is a Proud Sponsor

Gorilla Expense will not only contribute as a sponsor but will also be
June 8, 2023/by Malhar Potnis

Approve Expenses with Dynamic Approvals Features

The system will provide the user the option to select one of the many projects they are connected to…
May 18, 2023/by Malhar Potnis

Case Study: How Grand Isle Shipyard Upgraded from Manual Tracking to Microsoft Dynamics GP Project Accounting Module

With its intuitive and easy-to-use integration, Gorilla Expense became the answer to GIS’s problem.
May 9, 2023/by Malhar Potnis

Streamline Access & Make Login Effortless With Single Sign-on

Say goodbye to the hassle of remembering multiple passwords and hello to improved…
May 4, 2023/by Malhar Potnis

Eliminate Manual Effort with Automatic Coding

With Gorilla Expense’s Advanced Algorithm, reduce the risk of errors and transform the…
April 28, 2023/by Malhar Potnis

Automate VAT/GST Calculations with Gorilla Expense

Are you tired of spending hours on manual VAT/GST calculations…
April 27, 2023/by Malhar Potnis
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