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Manage Expenses Across Borders with our Multi-Currency Feature

Our integration can retrieve the current exchange rates from the internet and perform…
September 11, 2023/by Malhar Potnis

Simplify Expense Tracking with the Code to Dimensions Feature

Maintain and enable multiple dimensions similar to the ones configured in the…
August 22, 2023/by Malhar Potnis

Gorilla Expense Launches Smart Corporate Card Solution

The smart card is based on PEX's Card platform solution and is made...
August 17, 2023/by Malhar Potnis

The Modern CFO’s Role in Shaping Spending Culture

It is crucial for CFOs to pay attention to spending culture, as a poorly managed culture can lead to …
August 2, 2023/by Malhar Potnis

Split Expenses Across Departments without any Struggle

This feature also enables the user to split either by amount or by percentage as per the…
August 2, 2023/by Malhar Potnis

Unlock the Power of Instant Communication with Real-Time Notifications

Forget the hassle of constantly checking and rechecking the status of your reports…
July 31, 2023/by Malhar Potnis

Keep a Tight Leash on your Business Expenses with Receipt Policies

With this feature in your system, ensure that your employees are following all applicable laws and…
July 27, 2023/by Malhar Potnis

Revolutionize Mileage Tracking like a Pro with Gorilla Expense

Gorilla Expense's automatic mileage capture feature effortlessly documents every mile making your mileage tracking easy.
July 25, 2023/by Malhar Potnis

Ensure Compliance with the New Expense Policy Feature

Take control of expense compliance with Gorilla Expense’s Expense Policy capabilities. This feature allows you to…
July 20, 2023/by Malhar Potnis
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